Sech Remembers Reggaeton Roots from the Sold-Away Puerto Rico Performance

Sech Remembers Reggaeton Roots from the Sold-Away Puerto Rico Performance

A skyrocket vessel which have “Este Bloke” composed regarding it try aimed at the new celebs Saturday on first show out-of Sechs about three-evening, sold-out sit during the San Juan, Puerto Ricos big Coliseo, known to locals due to the fact El Choli. The latest place – recognized for as being the stomping floor to have reggaeton, Latin musics greatest style – was about become graced by Panamas hottest singer, whoever ballads and shock performances do entertain the fresh 18,one hundred thousand attendees throughout the night.

With each seat filled and an emotional and you may effective Sech from the centerstage, their first within Este Choli is a nights hobbies and you can sensuality, because the audience echoed the fresh new words away from their music. Sech, “the latest Dreamer,” are letting the country discover he’s here to stay.

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Reggaeton is among the sexiest genres all over the world, but its exponential go up wasn’t in the place of competition. Previously shamed by the certain for the pornographic lyrical concept and you may outlandish parallels so you can highway life, the brand new genre is now known for its rightful governmental dictate and you may infectious tunes. Throughout reggaetons 30-season advancement, three layouts was in fact uniform: romanticism, the trail, and you will gender. Sech notices his songs since an extension from Panamas 1st contributions on genre’s roots.

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Reddish smoke filled the brand new stage while the thunder of crowd vibrated courtesy Puerto Ricos renowned stadium once the Sech got brand new phase in the grand piano. Using a classic jean-and-tee outfit complimented because of the good Gucci scarf, the new impressive nights began with a light form of their play “Otro Trago,” hence topped Billboard‘s Beautiful Latin Tunes for the 2019. „Sech Remembers Reggaeton Roots from the Sold-Away Puerto Rico Performance“ weiterlesen